Week 14: Poster

Here are some iterations of my poster for the show next week.

Poster-1-02Poster-03Michelle Kim Capstone Poster


Week 12: One Week Left!

My capstone is due one week from tomorrow!

A visiting alum gave me some really good feedback to cut unnecessary elements and pages from my site, and yesterday, I got help from my interaction design professor in order to code the javascript I needed to make my intro work the way I wanted. I also purchased the domain soupexchange.site!

I’m now focusing on creating an animation for my about page, coding my hover/pop up descriptions, and coding my drop down buttons. The rest of my changes are minor style changes. My goal is to be essentially done by the end of Monday. From there, I’ll review my copy and comb through the site for mistakes and errors.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 11.39.56 PM