Week 11: An Unexpected Setback

My computer’s hard drive failed earlier this week, and I had to spend a few days getting it fixed and restoring all my files. Thankfully, I didn’t lose anything other than an interview (which I plan to do again this weekend). Unfortunately, I lost a few days of work because of it. So I’ll be in studio all of this weekend trying to catch up on the work I’ve missed


Week 10: Redesign

This week I tired to address all the major critiques I got from feedback before Spring Break, which meant going back to the drawing board. I’m now much happier with my design solutions for some of the navigation issues I had with my project. Now I need to code all my changes!


We also had a poster development session, where I got good feedback about how to move forward with the poster. My mind (and energy) is currently focused on finishing the site, but the workshop also gave me ideas for my  project in general.


Week 8: Feedback Pt II

The second draft was due this week. It was super helpful to get feedback, since my project centers on user experience, so I need to make sure people can go through the experience smoothly.

Highlights from my feedback:

  • start with “give or get soup” as landing page intro after
  • use darker pink
  • clickable things need to be more clear (use single color for links only)
  • copy in “give” section needs to be more clear
  • transition between “not what I wanted” and resource should allow more options

Things I want to work on:

  • edit copy to be more approachable/friendly and clear
  • work on “give” section (which has been a bit neglected so far)
  • work on resource and about pages

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Week 7: Coding

I’m finally happy with my design direction! I still have a lot of work to do, but I’m glad I have a better feel for my visual language. This week I’m focusing on coding my style changes for the second draft. My goal is to have everything functioning, including the introduction, which has some tricky pieces to it. I hope to play with the layout of the quiz in the future. However, I think I should focus on getting the second draft completed. I hope to user test the site over spring break without having to explain anything.



I’m creating a gif for the intro rather than having the words appear as you scroll (the way it did in the first draft). Here’s my exploration and inspiration.