Week 3: Sitemap & Wireframe

This week I focused on creating my wireframe, gathering content, and establishing preliminary colors and fonts. I decided to use the quote below from one of the people I interviewed to introduce the site and its function.

“When I think “illness” I think, “hey, that’s a bummer, you’re sick. Let’s get you some medicine and maybe some soup.” But when you throw “mental” in there suddenly the game changes and I don’t know why. People treat it like it’s something other than illness, like it’s scary or shameful or something you should hide. I think that’s dumb. I think I would like it if people offered more soup.” -CB


I sent out a google form to twenty people in order to collect recommendations, which will become the content for the website’s forms. In addition, I started coding the website and plan to have a working outline of the site by the end of this weekend.



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