Week 6: Refinement cont.

I’m continuing to work on the visual direction as well as the structure for the way I want the user to navigate through the introduction. Since there’s a lot of information and text to work with with, my current problem is finding a way to keep the viewer engaged without over-designing the copy.



Week 5: Feedback and Refinement

This week I got feedback from my classmates that really helped me move forward with my design direction and site navigation. Here are some of the critiques and comments I received:

  • needs clearer transition between intro and function of site
  • needs clearer instructions on how to navigate through the site
  • animation/gif instead of scroll for intro sequence?

Therefore, I’m currently focusing on design experimentation on the intro sequence to make sure it properly prepares the user in terms of concept and function for the rest of the site.



Week 4: Design

I’ve been struggling a bit with the design direction. I got feedback that my first drafts need to appeal more to my target audience of young adults and college students, so I’m working to incorporate a younger tone. I’m also expanding my soup metaphor in the language and imagery I use.


Week 3: Sitemap & Wireframe

This week I focused on creating my wireframe, gathering content, and establishing preliminary colors and fonts. I decided to use the quote below from one of the people I interviewed to introduce the site and its function.

“When I think “illness” I think, “hey, that’s a bummer, you’re sick. Let’s get you some medicine and maybe some soup.” But when you throw “mental” in there suddenly the game changes and I don’t know why. People treat it like it’s something other than illness, like it’s scary or shameful or something you should hide. I think that’s dumb. I think I would like it if people offered more soup.” -CB


I sent out a google form to twenty people in order to collect recommendations, which will become the content for the website’s forms. In addition, I started coding the website and plan to have a working outline of the site by the end of this weekend.